Our History

Roughly 5 years ago, Maximilien Fedkiw opened Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, having decided that he wanted wanted to open a place with a traditional French approach but also with an original twist, where people can gather for a warm, cosy experience, eating hearty food and drinking high quality wines from an outstanding selection and at low mark-up prices.

Besides the restaurant operations, we also hold wine tuitions and tastings, wine dinners with high profile winemakers.

  • 2008

    Maximilien Fedkiw opens Le Bistrot du Sommelier at Prinsep Street

  • 2009

    Chef Patrick Heuberger joins Le Bistrot du Sommelier towards the end of the year

  • 2012

    Le Bistrot du Sommelier moves to Armenian Street

  • 2014

    Chef Brandon Foo and Host Fabian Wong join Le Bistrot du Sommelier